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Submitted: 16 May 2007 Modified: 20 March 2018
HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC030351

Le fort I osteotomy down fracture with midline palatal split via midfacial deglovingforexcision of juvenile angiofibroma.

Eutrapio S. Guevara,
Ramon Antonio B. Lopa,
Peter R. Jarin,
Roberto M. Pangan

This is a report of a surgical approach to excise an extensive case of a Juvenile Angiofibroma in a 16 year old male. The approach consists of a midfacial degloving followed by a Le Fort I osteotomy down fracture combined with a midline palatal split. This technique facilitated an adequate access to a large nasopharyngeal angiofibroma with excellent cosmetic and functional results.

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Journal Article, Original
Philippine Journal of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
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